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May. 23rd, 2004

I think the guy is too mean.

I liked Attack of the Clones and I think the decision to name it that is making a point against what people keep failing to get -- that it's reminscing on silly old sci fi serials.

speaking of things people don't get, I learned on tv last night that that ridiculous pop video that Jewel made was supposed to be ironic, but nobody got it.

I like this comment:
“It represents the first three movies of a six-part sequel. The series would turn out ridiculous if the first three movies surpassed the last three in excitement and climax. They are SUPPOSED to be more low key. The personalities and aura in ‘Menace’ and ‘Clones’ differentiate from Episodes 4-6 because those two movies concern different characters, and the plot builds up to the last three episodes. I'm an English major by training, and I teach it to adults. It just represents regular storytelling to me. I don't understand Mr. Bahn's criticism.”
—Reginald Harrison Williams
Denmark, South Carolina, USA

this one's good too:
“I say, ‘Give Lucas a chance!’ I thought that the two prequels were darn good. If you look at the films closer, you see pieces that — while small parts of the overall plot of that specific film— are important to the overall arc of the entire six-part saga. And that is what I think many critics are missing; like ‘Lord of the Rings,’ this isn't six different two hour movies, but one massive tale of a man's fall from grace and the impact on the galaxy. Episode III, I believe, make viewers realize this.”
—Andrew Sibulsky

“To save Episode III I would — brace yourself — leave it alone! If George Lucas wants to make a special effects-laden, so-called ‘stinker’ full of what are often emotionally lacking performances, that millions of people will STILL go to see (except the so-called die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fans), then LET HIM. This is America, Jack, and Lucas is paying for the whole thing; so he can do whatever he wants with these films!”
San Diego, CA


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