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that was interesting...
the judge advocate mentioned some things about genetic enhancements. Apparently, 200 years before genetic enhancements led to the Eugenics Wars and the rise of Khan Singh.
bad stuff.

from Memory Alpha:
The wars' roots lie in the attempt of a group of human scientists' amibitious attempt to improve the race through selective breeding and genetic engineering. They created a race of "supermen" popularly known as the Augments, who were mentally and physically superior to ordinary men and women. They were five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was 50 percent better than normal, and their intelligence was double that of normal humans. (TOS: "Space Seed"; ENT: "Borderland")

interesting info on the date placement, also from Memory Alpha:
TOS: "Space Seed" and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan gave the date for the Wars as the 1990s, but DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" was thought to have retconned that date with a reference to them having occurred two centuries prior (episode writer Ronald D. Moore admitted to having referred to the line from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan but accidentally forgetting to account for the show being a century later). This would place the Wars in the mid-to-late 22nd century, however, which was inconsistent with Star Trek: First Contact. However, the original date of the Wars was reaffirmed when Phlox stated in ENT: "Borderland", that Arik Soong's Augments were pretty sophisticated for 20th century genetics. Phlox later mentions to the Klingons that genetic engineering on Earth was "banned decades ago", likely meaning not more than a century ago. Which could mean that it wasn't until a long time after the Eugenics Wars that genetic engineering was banned, likely following the formation of United Earth.

oooo! "The Inner Light" is on! Best episode of TNG!



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