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car full of midgets!



that's messed up

need a hug?

really long, triple-plotted dream. Jonathan made a very pleasant appearance in the last part.
first part was a camping dream. the second was sci fi. the last was just jonathan and fun.
The settings went from camping ground I remember from when I was in middle school to my house to a bowling alley to the 37-story Medical Building on the Grinnell campus that doesn't exist and leads out to the front of my high school where we all take the bus home.
characters were all grinnellians. a couple fake. one appearance by my dad in my house to tell me where matches are as I was trying to light a camp fire... with a lot of charcoal and coals that look like cat food... sort of reminiscent of my barbecue dream.
By the way, the medical building may be really tall, but the only stories you can actually go to are (in order) 1, 14, 3, and 37.
In the beginning, I was lighting my camp fire. It was hard because my wood and coals were very wet. I went over to the neighboring lean-to to get matchs. the guy there was a grinnellian. I was happy because that meant the other grinnellians had made it and i had come early and wasn't sure and stuff. I didn't recognize him specifically, but I knew him. He was Indian and he was painted all blue and wearing... very little, but it was also blue.
and these camp sites have tv.
Then there was some outbreak of something and people had to be quarantined in little boxes like phone booths but for more people.
Then they found a cure and were cleaning up in the medical building where Jonathan was helping. I went down a lot of stairs to get to my bus, but then had to go back up, so I took the elevator. the second time up is when I saw him and he was all happy and I went back in the elevator and was like "aren't coming? the elevator door is closing!" and he missed it but when the elevator got to the first floor, he was there. he ran down all the stairs. :P
and then the buses weren't there! I sure hope I didn't miss my bus. Yes, I remember when you missed your bus, Jonathan, got there just to see it drive away. Oh, here comes the buses! I'll get on. open the door! there we go. Ok, I'm getting on while Jonathan is handing out tea first.
that's it.


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