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It's only a bit of poo

Johnny English is good. It was very funny. Rowan Atkinson is great! Go see it!
I greatly enjoyed it.

But don't take my word for it!
./` doo-doo doo doo doo-doo! ./~ (that's s'posed to be the reading rainbow music.)
JOHNNY ENGLISH—Comedy is so subjective, it’s hard to measure one person’s taste against another’s. All I know is, Rowan Atkinson makes me laugh, and I had a good time watching Johnny English. The bumbling Mr. Bean is ideally cast as a low-level British functionary who gets a chance to live out his dream and become a real-life secret agent, à la 007. His adversary is the wily Pascal Sauvage, played with great relish, a delectable accent, and a formidable toupee by John Malkovich. This is strictly silly, sight-gag stuff, much of it obvious but all of it done with a skill and panache I’ve found missing from most American comedies lately. I can’t defend this as great cinema, but it gave me more enjoyment than most of the bigger, more heavily hyped summer fare.
-Leonard Maltin

"Johnny English," perhaps because it combines Mr. Atkinson's verbal dexterity with his physical clowning, won me over.
Unlike most movies of this kind, which run out of steam and ideas as they go along, "Johnny English" gains momentum, nudging you along from a few stray giggles to helpless, giddy laughter.
-A. O. Scott
N.Y. Times Review

Johnny English is a lot of fun - it’s well-directed, nicely played and has a pleasing hit rate of good gags.
In short, this is definitely worth watching. There’s a steady stream of guaranteed laughs, Atkinson is hilarious and there’s even enough here to suggest that a sequel wouldn’t be entirely unwelcome. Recommended.
-Matthew Turner
View London

...this is a likeable parody that...contains a good number of well-worked comic set-pieces.
Neil Smith

Deftly directed by Sliding Doors man Peter Howitt, this has great comic timing and manages to pair together the spy and comedy genres without making any of the silly stunts seem too stupid or ostentatious.
He's helped by some spot-on casting.
Atkinson is excellent as English, making it all the more regrettable that he's far too rich these days to have to do much work.
if you want a very funny film, it's a winner.
-Jonathan Ross
London Daily Mirror

Full marks to Atkinson and director Peter Howitt... for managing to sustain viewer interest till the end. Johnny English isn’t comedy that lingers on in your mind till long after. Rather, the jokes stay on as long as they are being played on screen and give you that jolly kick as long as they last.
If you are an Atkinson fan, Johnny English is bound to be a treat for you. Else, just drop your inhibitions to laugh at silly jokes and enjoy the 88-minute romp that unfolds on the screen.
-Vinayak Chakravorty
Hindustan Times

gelingt es dem Film, dem Publikum einen Lacher nach dem anderen abzuringen. Dabei zünden zumeist die unerwarteten und manchmal auch derben Witzchen, die zwischen den abgenudelten Scherzen aufblitzen. ... Alles in allem bietet Johnny English knappe 90 Minuten locker leichte Unterhaltung, für die sich mit Sicherheit auch "Mr. Bean"-Unlustig-Finder erwärmen können.
von Thomas Straßer

All it takes is Atkinson's sudden, wide-eyed jerk of realization in a crisis or the rubbery melt of Johnny under the influence of an elephant-size dosage of muscle relaxant and any cares about the movie world around him dissolve in laughter.
-Sean Axmaker
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Like the Bond movies, the plot is just a setup for elaborate set pieces, in this case comic. And a surprising number of them are gut-bustingly funny. ... The movie wisely balances English's slapstick with a straight-man assistant, Bough (Ben Miller), who gets English out of several scrapes. ... Atkinson is a consistent hoot.
-John Monaghan
Detroit Free Press

The best thing about the movie is Atkinson himself - typically rubbery, ridiculously funny and at his best, when doing those outlandish facial gestures or some physical comedy. It’s probably one of his better moments on the big screen. ... All in all, “Johnny English” isn’t a bad effort. Rowan Atkinson is much more of a comedian than Mike Myers
-Clint Morris
Film Threat

Rowan Atkinson is arguably the funniest man working in movies today... What makes it work is the cast, who are able to wring more than a few laughs out
-Ethan Alter
Film Journal International

A comic actor of genius who raises silliness to an art form, the wonderfully expressive Atkinson makes excellent use of those devastating looks in the spy spoof "Johnny English,"
-Kenneth Turan
Los Angeles Times


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