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hee hee. clockwork kitty. hee.

aww! kitties!
Hanna came with us into the woods. She kinda ditched us to go off on her own adventures once the baby crashed in on us. She saw us up there and came running over! She started rolling in the grass and having soooo much fun! She was so happy! She was having such a happy fun time that she wore herself out just rolling in the grass!
I love her!

Later, I saw her come in. Then my mom said she was looking at her. I asked from where and she said from outside. I was all like, I didn't know baby was outside. I went and looked... and that was no Baby!! That's her twin! He came up and was looking at mom and she thought it was baby because he looks just like her! I saw her back though, which has more dark fur than baby.
I don't like that cat. When baby first met her twin (who lives down the street, I think) she hissed! I think he's her evil twin!

Also, I saw Orange Fluff in the backyard sniffing at the chicken bones I threw out before. He loves chicken!
I noticed he was limping. He was keeping off one leg totally! D: poor cat!
I felt terrible for him! Even though I don't like him, because she growls at Black Cat and used to beat Blackie up to steal his food. I consider him trouble and a mean cat.
But I felt so bad for him! I gave him lots of good food and let him come in and eat. And I made chicken for him special, because I know he loves chicken and I gave to him. He loved it!
So, he had a really good meal.
poor kitty.
I hope he's ok.


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