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TMBG will be on Home Movies! sweet!
two things I <3 in one! yay!
worlds colliding!
You're killing independent George!!

I got babe to snooze next to me while I read by picking her up from her spot on the couch (formerly my spot) where she was sleeping. yay for sleepy babies. I <3 sleepy babies.

Babe was in our faces and all over when mom brought chinese food home. She stole a wonton. then a scallop. that baby.
Buttons was walking all over our food too, because he smelled shrimps and scallops. He didn't eat the one we gave him, but came back later and found the one babe left of the floor and ate it up.

Ice cream for dessert. I said that none was to be given to Hanna because she's off dairy. She was on the table and sniffing things, licked a chinese food lid. Then she sniffed a bowl of ice cream and I yelled "No!" and swatted her head.
:( :( :(
I made her feel bad. She ran away when I tried to pet her and make her feel better.
I gave her some treats to make her feel better. She liked them.

It's cold outside. all cats are in. they don't stay out long. cooold.
Mom brought home a temperature reader. I ran the outside sensor out the window and placed the thing on the windowsill in the kitchen. It tells us the time, inside temperature and outside temperature.
7:30 pm
68 F constant temp
7 F and falling

I keep forgetting. My parents are like it's 10 degrees! So cold and I'm like "That's not bad at all. That's nice. It's not even below freezing. ... Oh, wait, Fahrenheit. not Celsius. Yeah, that's below freezing. Oh, yeah! That's cold!"


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