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I was piling my books.
I had to find the books I was going to read in my room. The ones from last summer that I never got around to were hidden. I found them mixed with old textbooks.
Now in my reading pile: 35 books plus Prisoner of Azkaban to reread.
I think I'll start with Matters of Principle: An Insider's Account of America's Rejection of Robert Bork's Nomination to the Supreme Court. That was from my slightly more easily accessible box of books that I shipped via gloriously cheap media mail that I had had at school and didn't have a chance to read and were too heavy for me to want to bring back in my luggage.
Interesting story behind that book... well, it's not so much interesting as it is long,:
I ordered it after we missed a Bork question in Quizbowl. Our buzzer system is named Judge Bork and we missed it!! Ah! So, I sought out a biography of the man to keep this from ever happening again. The title above is the best book around for Bork info, I believe. All the other Bork books are his own tirades about the moral degradation of American society. So, I ordered Matters of Principle off Amazon marketplace for $0.45. Aw, yeah. A week passes, no book. I get an e-mail from the people who sold it to me that it came back to them. It got wet and the book was destroyed, but they ordered it from a colleague to have shipped directly to me and they were doing this at their own expense. So, a couple days before the end of the year (thursday, specifically, because i remember I got it right after my history exam) I recieved a perfect condition, hardcover edition of Matters of Principle! So, that's the story.
Yeah, and so I finally had it two days before I left, so I had to ship it home with the pile of books from my desk. Those books came mostly from the 50%-75% off table of the book store. The Big Picture comic strip collection book I bought online because I found out it had just gone out of print. and the latest Star Trek novel A Time to Die that I bought in an airport.
hooray for books!

and cats.


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