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I hate the swipe. I always have to do it like 4 times.
Of course, I don't live in New York and so don't do it regularly.
I like non-swipe systems. I like the suck in and spit out card readers.
In St. Petersburg they have an insert and remove. I got pretty good at it. I sometimes started walking through before the computer really opened it though and so it would start alarming and then shut off right away as it let me through.
They still have tokens in St. Petersburg. They always work, which is kinda nice. Sometimes the card is dirty or mysteriously stops working.
The article says about token scams. grr. I don't think they could do that in St. Petersburg. They're always watching and if there's any trouble you get metro people coming at you and yelling. maybe... I never had trouble with tokens though. I liked the cards though. and the cards give you a slight price break.
I couldn't get the super, super low student price though, because my name wasn't in the student database, even though I had a studentcheskii bilet.
I wanted a Smart-Karta so bad. They were so cool. You just wave 'em and they work and it's like magic!
But they're hard to get. You have to like have all sorts of documents and stuff and I couldn't get one. :*(


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Jul. 18th, 2004 11:34 am (UTC)
My card got myseteriously eaten by the machine the first week we were there and I had to wait until we got our new cards from school and lived off of the shetons! That was sort of irritating, because I never seemed to have more than 50R on me at a time so I couldn't just buy a big bunch of them. Oh well, I like the insert & remove much better too, I can't seem to get the "swipe" thing right even at the grocery store, so unless they were like the new card readers at the gas pumps that lets you swipe the card either way then I'd be out of luck, I think.
Jul. 18th, 2004 12:06 pm (UTC)
I used zhetoni for a while on the recommendation of my host mom after my card died mysterious, denying me 2 rides I paid for.
50 rubles is the perfect amount for buying zhetoni! My host mom told me! Because that gets you 7 zhetoni and 1 ruble change.
Oh, crap. They upped the price to 8 rubles. bastards... So, that doesn't work anymore. rarg.
Once I bought a whole bunch of zhetoni. I always had a bunch in my pocket. It was convenient and lasted me until the next time to buy a edinaya karta came around. The edinaya was awesome, but I thought that it had unlimited metro rides and it doesn't and I used the metro so much I used it up. oh, well.
I <3 new gas station pumps. In New Jersey, it's illegal to pump your own gas, so I don't notice much, but I was in New York the other day and thoroughly admired a spiffy, new, hi-tech BP station in Brooklyn.

Oh! You know what's kinda neat and possibly related to what happened to you that first week?
Oh my gd, I'm stupid. It's not insert-and-let-it-be-spit-out, which is totally better. I'll have to post with a correction.
Yeah, when my 10 ride cards ran out, on the last ride, it would just be sucked in and not spitted out. The workers would retrieve the cards and reuse them maybe.
Maybe what happened to you is that it got kept before you were out of rides. You're supposed to start yelling at the metro workers then.
Yay Metro!
I wish I could have gotten a shirt of the St. Petersburg metro like they sell in of the moscow one in moscow, because the St. Petersburg one is more awesome and has a prettier logo.
and I <3 the metro.
Jul. 18th, 2004 12:35 pm (UTC)
Well, I thik that my card was bent because I have a habit of keeping things like student id cards and driver's licenses and whatnot in my backpocket and then I sit on them all day and they get all bent. I had at least 10 rides left; I think I checked at Vostannya Poloshad because they have one of those ride-checker machines there where you put your card in and it tells you how many rides you have left. Very handy. I actually knew how to say that the metro ate my card but I was afraid to because I didn't want them to yell something I didn't understand at me, so I just went and bought some zhetoni...

Yeah the metro was my favorite thing about St. Petersburg, I think, I HATED the one in Moscow, it was big and always fucking crowded everywhere. I hated Imena Biblioteka Lenina at 5 o'clock because it was INSANE and somehow Lauren and I got lost in there one day. But we finally found a guy selling maps and he was nice enough to tell us the short way on the line to get to where we were going. It's confusing trying to transfer in Moscow.

Jul. 18th, 2004 02:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the Moscow one is big and crazy. There are multiple levels sometimes... I called a friend in Moscow who I knew from Grinnell and we were gonna meet in the metro and we did, but we had to settle exactly WHERE in that metro station we were gonna meet. In Petersburg, you can just vverkhu or in the station and it's not so complicated.
Yeah, and Moscow one is so big, it's hard to navigate. yeah, biblioteka imena lenina is a busy one. I like the biblioteka, but the metro station is a crazy one.
The metro is crazy in St. Petersburg at some times of day, but Moscow is even more so. craziness.
I definitely understand the fear of being yelled at in Russian. eek.
That totally happened to me. I checked my card on the reader and it said 2! and it didn't work! I figured I misunderstood and bought a new one, but it was just bad.
In my old wallet there was a useless zipper that was totally bending like crazy my student id which is a smart card to get into the dorms. It's much better since I got a better wallet. I keep all my cards together and they keep each other straight. Sure, my money gets bent and curled, but cards and ids and business cards and coupons are much more important.
Moscow has eight billion lines and it's insane. St. Petersburg has 5 lines. It's so much nicer. They just got to fix the connection between lesnaya and ploshchad muzhestva, 'cause that sucks. I hear they're working on it though. It's been out for years. They could also use a stop between vasiliostrovskaya and gostinii dvor where you can cross to line 4. But I do enjoy the speed of not stopping between those. zooom! to the center!
Jul. 18th, 2004 04:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have a little handsewn leather wallet that is pretty worn out now, because I didn't sew it on a machine, so cards don't work too well in there either. :/

I met Alyosha one day at Gostinny Dvor and we couldn't find each other for like ten minutes! And just at Gostinny Dvor! I had understood that he was talking about a different escalator, but he was talking about one of the ones where you transfer to Mayakovskaya! When I found the right one the down part of it was closed and so I had to climb over the barracades (despite the fact that there were a couple of milizia nearby - but there were loads of other Russians doing it too) and walk down the escalator and then he was there at the bottom!
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:16 pm (UTC)
Oh no!
Yeah. Gostinii Dvor has the multiple entrances going on. Most are not that complicated.
Yeah, Russian do that all the time! Kids, women in high heels, old pensioneri... Sometimes you'll see old ladies all bent over begging for money and then they'll get up to leave and jump over the barricade. ay... That's why I only give money to the ladies with boxes of kittens.

I'm really happy with my wallet. I found it in a pacsun or some lame mall place that is so damaging to my indie cred, but since i don't have an indie cred, I guess it doesn't matter. but it's a very nice wallet. It holds a decent amount of cards, but I stuffed em in. They don't have seperate slots or anything.

Oh, man. I spent all day looking up info online about metros around the world. eek.
Jul. 18th, 2004 08:05 pm (UTC)
don't worry, i have no indie cred anymore either. i found a new wallet though, well, not really a new wallet, but i was hunting through one of my drawers just after our posting and found a wallet i carried around in high school, one of those nice fossil kinds but i think i stopped carrying it around because at that point i THOUGHT i had indie cred. ^_^ but now since i know i don't, i'll carry it around again, methinks.
Jul. 19th, 2004 10:02 am (UTC)
A comment thread leads to real life benefit! Who'd have thought?
Jul. 18th, 2004 02:18 pm (UTC)
С 26 июня 2004 года одновременно с восстановлением сквозного движения по линии 1 от станции «Пр. Ветеранов» до станции «Девяткино» метрополитен вводит в эксплуатацию на данной линии 8-ми вагонные составы (до этого перевозки пассажиров на линии 1 осуществлялись 7-ми вагонными составами).
Введение в эксплуатацию 8-ми вагонных составов позволит увеличить количество перевозимых пассажиров и улучшить условия проезда в метрополитене.

Just in June they fixed it! Hooray! It's fixed! yay! You don't have to take a stupid confusing bus in between the metro stations.
And, apparently they're running 8 cars at once instead of 7. Room for more passengers!

In 1995 a section of the tunnel between Pl. Muzhestva and Lesnaya collapsed and had to be totally rebuilt. Through service could only be established in June 2004.
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