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"Further plans include an extension of line 4 from "Spasskaya" to the west"
That's needed! I want to get to the theater district by metro, dammit!

"The new program also calls for system-wide reconstruction of the extensive streetcar network (which is claimed to be the largest in the world) and for upgrades of several streetcar lines to the light-rail standards. However, the integrity of these extensive plans remains quite questionable in light of the current barbarian destruction of the streetcar network in the city center and in light of the general erroneous perception by the city authorities that the streetcar is an artifact of the past."
Well, I like them, but they are an artifact of the past unless they do some serious upgrade. It's so slow! Who wants to travel on those? Well, I like them a lot, but they're silly. They could be made better.

ooo. maps!
I want to ride all the metros in russia!
I'm sad that i missed out in Nizhny Novgorod. I rode one the little buses to get to a big statue of lenin to take pictures of. I should have found the metro and rode around. I don't think I realized that there was a metro.
Yeah, on the map, I see that there aren't any stations by where we were (by the kremlin). There are some planned though. woo! There must've been near that Lenin statue though. Had I but known!
"FARE (since 1 Feb 2002): Single - 4 roubles (two 2-roubles coins - no tokens used)"
whoa! That's half the price of St. Petersburg (as are most things in Nizhegorod) and it's weird that they take tokens.
wait... if they don't take tokens, why is there a sign on the booth saying "sale of tokens." hmmm.

neato! I wanna be like this guy!

another neato page! Follows the construction! hooray!
They're building a monorail in Moscow? neat.
There's a Kazan' metro too? :O Oh, none of it's built yet.
"Kazan' has a very ambitious metro master plan for the next 50 years"
wow! planning way ahead.
Most of the plans should be complete by 2042. :|


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