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I had to go to the dentist today and I didn't want to. They always make me feel bad for not flossing enough. Plus it sucks going to the dentist and having machines in your mouth and stuff. yuck.
But when we got there they were like "you were here in march. you can go in, but the insurance probably won't pay." and so yay! no dentist for me!

"Heightened security is evident everywhere, even on the convention floor, where the traditional cardboard signs -- which could conceal terrorists -- have been banned, forcing delegates to wave slogans written in tiny print on Post-It notes. Also, delegates approaching the convention hall wearing huge stupid hats are being shot on sight; already, 60 percent of the Arkansas delegation has been wiped out."

speaking of Arkansas, there was an article in Gourmet magazine, which I read while hanging around in the dentist's (without getting my teeth cleaned! yes!) about Arkansas food. It said that the best food is found in the ugliest-looking holes.

yay! I found the eggplant recipes from Gourmet magazine online! yay! I <3 eggplant.
Planet Eggplant
Forget the bitter, mushy stuff you knew as a kid. These vibrant, flavorful dishes prove it's easy to develop a passion for purple
Our recipes for this often overlooked -- and overcooked -- fruit (yes, we said fruit) are out of this world. And that's no purple prose

"Another comment: you call Dennis Kucinich "little," but I've played strip poker with both him and Howard Dean and Kucinich is by far and away the most well-hung man I've ever seen. They don't call him the Vegan Viper for nothing – the man has a tube snake nesting in his pants!"
from this

Why are the college questions easier and still stumping these people from good schools? There's a Carleton guy there. Carleton people are smart, aren't they?
I dunno... I'd still screw up a lot of 'em, but I think I'd get more than they are. I dunno... We can't all be Ken Jenningses.

I oughta write a Henry Clay quizbowl question.

They just put the words Da and Net on the screen and asked what language it was.*rolls eyes into my russian-major head*

I knew Oedipus.

Oh no. The Carleton guy can't be in Final Jeopardy because he has no money.

Bill O'Reilly makes a challenge to debate anyone about the PATRIOT Act and then backs down when someone takes him up on the challenge
"If he wishes to change his position on endorsing the Patriot Act, that would be acceptable and in the best interests of the American people.... Anything short of that or debating Mr. Badnarik live on air w/o any editing will seriously challenge O'Reilly's credibility (Mr. O'Reilly is rumored to have edited shows in the past, to appear as if he won the debate)... "

I guess Mason and Dixon to Final Jeopardy.
I'm right! :D
"Pranksters rule!"? whatevah. funny. and he won $22,222. :P


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