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Russian author Dmitry Yemets was blocked in an attempt to import six novels about a character called "Tanya Grotter" into the Netherlands last year, after the series became a bestseller in his home country. The authors and publishers of Chinese Potter, and of Harry Potter in Calcutta, a wildly successful series that inserted Potter into a landscape of favourite characters from the Bengali literary canon, have likewise been sued.
http://www.canada.com/ottawa/ottawacitizen/soundoff/story.html?id=84927a1e-77b0-43a3-850c-f8079e1f4021 (thanks hermintage)
another article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/2261752.stm

[Tanya Grotter is] an orphan, has a strange mark on her face and has magical powers.
Tanya also battles with an evil force which is so terrible it cannot be named. Sound familiar?
Judges at a court in Amsterdam agreed with JK that it was too similar to Harry Potter and shouldn't be published there.
Although Byblos, the Dutch publishers of the book, do have the right to appeal the decision.

Do you agree upon the fact that literature criticism sees anything similar between Tanya Grotter in Russia and Harry Potter abroad as compared to the situation with foreign Pinochio and its Russian variant, Buratino?

I acknowledge the fact that a foreign book might become successful in Russia. A foreign book might have the creative continuation in the Russian language. There is also a chance that such continuation might become more successful than the original. This has already happened before, when Russian writers developed the work of a foreign writer and achieved considerable success as a result of that. On the other hand, Tanya Grotter was not meant to become a re-development to Harry Potter. It was a Russian response to Harry Potter, a parody. Tanya Grotter is a girl with a mole on her nose. She goes to study at a school of magicians. This is the initial point of the story. Other books about Tanya do not have any reference to Rowling-s books.

(I've heard that beyond the first one, the books have little to do with Harry Potter, but still...)

Are you going to Amsterdam?

Yes, I am going there to present my book in the Danish language. Now I collect documents for the trip.
(I think they mean "Dutch." Why go to Amsterdam to present the Danish language version?)

weird (an poorly translated)
"The problem is that when the man offers to publish his Magician-s Handbook, he immediately shows his passport, and the document distinctly says that the name of the man is Harry Zakharovich Potter."

I for some reason thought that it wasn't "Tanya Grotter" but "Ganya Potter" which is closer and worse and more copyright-infringing. Oh, well. I never bought one of those fakes.


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