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----> wow. read this <----

go springsteen! woo!

Democrats Roll Out 'Bush Truth Squad'

good stuff from [dyerg]:
"To kick off the next round of smear tactics, I'll apply the tried and true Republican method of calling opponents flip-floppers to Bush. Bush flip-flops:

1) Bush regularly gives speeches reinforcing how his administration has made America safe from terror. However, he also regularly argues that America is in great peril and that terror attacks are imminent. Which is it Mr. Bush? Terrorism can't be getting worse if you're making us safer.

2) Bush has flip-flopped concerning the 9/11 Commission. First he was opposed to its creation. Then he and his administration refused to testify in public in front of the bi-partisan Commission. Now, he is accepting recommendations from the Commission to create a new senior level post unifying intelligence agencies. What gives, Mr. Bush? You obstruct the commission's creation and progress, then use it to justify creation of more bureaucracy.

3) Bush says one thing then does another when talking about big government. The new joint intelligence post in the White House will add more bureaucracy at the highest levels. Is there not a way to consolidate the National Security Advisor, Department of Homeland Security and this new post into a more streamlined entity, Mr. Bush? Last I'd heard, the Department of Homeland Security was using freshly unearthed intelligence to issue a threat warning for major economic targets.

4) Bush attacks Senator Kerry for having accomplished nothing in two decades in the Senate. However, Bush didn't even hold public office until he became Governor of Texas. Mr. Bush, do you seriously mean to suggest that you accomplished more than Kerry as a board member of Harkin Energy and PR man for a baseball team during his terms as a respected Senator?"

Go Max Cleland

Jay & Silent Bob want you to register to vote!
:D:D:D so awesome!
and Amy Poehler too! She's hilarious. Not surprising that hers in the funniest.


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