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We're just Canadian *waving Quebec flag*

"Australia has also offered $4 million to secure the future of the tiny, cyclone-ravaged island of Niue."
Niue! That weird tiny little island.
quote from this article about the PIF
"He [Prime Minister John Howard] also announced a $4 million contribution to a Niue Trust Fund to provide long-term stability for Niue. The island was devastated by cyclone Heta in January.
Niue Premier Young Vivian said he was absolutely delighted with the contribution.
"It gives my people confidence that we will have our little nation in about 2000 years' time," he said. "The contribution is a new beginning for Niue."

The Indians and Pakistanis are discussing a ceasefire on a glacier that's the world's highest battleground.
"Sources said the two militaries are being nudged into introspection on the costs of endlessly jousting at heights of up to 22,000 feet."
from this article
yeah. maybe that's a good idea. who wants to fight on a gddamned glacier?!

England gets first jester for 350 years
Sat 7 August, 2004 15:00
By Jeremy Lovell

STONELEIGH (Reuters) - Nigel Roder has beaten six rivals by public acclaim to become England's first official jester for more than 350 years, succeeding Muckle John who lost his job when King Charles 1 was beheaded in 1649.

The baby is silly. As soon as she sees me- BOOM! She's up and running to the kitchen!

I watched an interesting show on the History Channel. Modern Marvels: Distilleries.
"From water and grain...to mash...still...vat...barrel and bottle--the distilling of alcoholic spirits is a big business and near-sacred religion. Its acolytes eye the color, swirl the glass, inhale the bouquet, sip, then ponder their ambrosia. What's your pleasure? Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Gin, Vodka, or Tequila? We trace the history of distilling from the one-man/one-still tradition to the Voldstead Act of 1920 that devastated American distilleries to the mega-sales and high-volume distillery of today."

been playing a little helicopter game.
stupid, but I just had to beat it! well, that level anyway. stupid snowball. I was trying to put out the fires with a giant snowball and I knew I could do it without dying, dammit! and I did. so there.


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